hands, and laid the vegetation, and ran inside. Qiujin Leopard paused, breathed a sigh of relief, he seems to be ready to do the heart to prepare, must increase the courage, F5 Certification otherwise, talk about it, because the following scene, too painful, he painfully authentic Ran F5 Certification it exam up to only seven or eight meters away, and I heard a bit of m. iserable, which makes me confirm that it is no doubt Qiuqin beaver.I suddenly forward a red, What do you see Liu Sijian can not help but frowned, he understood that the hatred of the Jueline has talked about the most important place, then, is the core of the whole thing scene, and see Chou Jinbao seems to have no way to speak, he is not without urging Asked, he had to let him go on. I I see a pair of beast pupil, scarlet also see a monster, back with two huge silver winged wings, mouth showing a huge fangs, is bite a person s Body He really can not talk about it, and his tears could not help but rollin. g down, this scene, so that Liu Sijian finally did not have the heart and then reminded him. However, after a moment, he wiped a tear, showing a strong face, he bite a bite, then said That was bite people, that is my brother, F5 Certification his body, by the monster s The palm of your hand is tightly held and can not move, and he will only call, when he is bitten, and harder Then, you launched the attack on the monster, is it Liu Sijian is also quite moving, but his mind is not so panic, he is still trying to

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